60 CVC Emergent Readers - Audio eBooks

Our CVC Emergent Readers are the first collection in our series of eBooks, introducing young learners to the fundamentals of reading. These consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) eBooks introduce one or two words a page, with an audio button beside the word(s) and a picture on the facing page, making them the perfect learning model for very young readers. Beginning readers can understand the meaning of the word from the picture, while listening to the correct pronunciation, and sounding out the word(s). Our CVC eBooks are a fusion of visual, audio, and phonetic learning, making them the ideal language learning framework for early readers. With free apps and software, such as Page Marker, Web Paint and Microsoft Edge, children can even draw on the eBooks while open in a web browser. These eBooks are a visually appealing printable language learning resource for the initial phases of your children’s reading development.

 CVC Emergent Readers

The CVC Emergent Readers collection includes the following eBooks:

  • Short 'A' - ad, ag, am, an, ap, at & mixes
  • Short 'E' - ed, eg, en, et & mixes
  • Short 'I' - ig, in, ip, it, ix & mixes
  • Short 'O' - ob, od, og, op, ot & mixes
  • Short 'U' - ub, ug, un, up, ut & mixes
  • Random Mixes
  • Themed Mixes
  • 2 CVC Words - Individual words in these eBooks can be clicked on to hear sound.

Click below to view available titles in the CVC Emergent Readers collection:

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